Crisis-Management Communications to Meet Today’s Challenges

The widespread health and economic impacts of COVID 19 require a strong PR Crisis Communications Plan.

Businesses with a strong PR Crisis Communications Plan in place, and a solid team to implement it, can navigate with greater agility, have more employee buy-in and greater potential to optimise new, unforeseen, opportunities.

Speed is of the essence in any crisis or time of rapid change. 

PR Crisis Communications Plans have 2 components:

  • Internal (employees and contractors) and
  • External (customers, stakeholders, media)


This workshop gives action guidelines for leaders to help work through the type of crisis management that’s right for their companies.

What You'll learn

This PR Crisis Communication workshop helps business leaders to:

  • Build employee trust
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Navigate media and social media


A crisis is usually a surprise, how you handle it shouldn’t be.


Trudy Johnston
Chief Bright Spark, Vim+Zest

The leader’s leader. 27 years of senior PR and Marketing. Former University lecturer (UNSW, Masters level). Leadership and Personal Branding expert.

Tiare Leahy
Digital Manager, Vim+Zest

Experienced digital strategist. Passionate about building brands through compelling storytelling and audience-centric communications.

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Crisis-Management Communications to Meet Today’s Challenges.


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