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Wow Careers for Unordinary People

Be unapologetically creative. Work with people you love. Grow on your own path. Achieve balance in a hybrid workspace. Careers that build a life less ordinary.

Positions We Recruit For

Marketing Manager

Account Manager

Graphic Designer

Why these are the best
creative careers in Australia

Unbridled creativity
Inspirational wellbeing clients
Work that makes impact
Customised learning pathways
Change-making innovation
Culture of care
Hybrid workspace flexibility
Best careers for the future

Wow careers in Byron Bay.

Close your eyes. Now think of the best job you can imagine. Your ideal role.


This is where we started when building an employee culture that systematically and purposefully offers you the best job for right now and the best careers for the future.


Let us paint a picture for you. Plan your perfect work day with flexible hours, a truly family friendly focus and a hybrid office/work from home arrangement.


Be trusted to create meaningful work for top tier wellbeing destinations, enterprises and entrepreneurs who positively impact our world.


Collaborate with outstanding creatives – filmmakers, videographers, strategic masters and storytellers – from all around the world.


Work with a team you vibe with towards excellence, while leaving behind pretentiousness and ego.


Grow through a customised Learning and Development pathway, gaining the technical skills you need to excel now and the leadership prowess required to build the wow career of your future.


Be fully yourself while building one of the best careers in Australia in one of the most beautiful places on the planet: the Byron Bay region.


Flexibility, excellence, development and care. This formula delivers one sure-fired result: You. Love. What. You. Do.

Vim + Zest works with the whole person. We fully appreciate that you bring all of you to work, and with all that you are we work with you to build a career that is far better than good – for you and for us. We search high and low for the best of the best. And our team members are excited to push for excellence because they know they are valued. They know that it’s not just what they do that counts, but who they are.

The best jobs for the future are those that allow you to work with forward-thinking leaders. 


All of Vim + Zest’s work – externally with our clients and internally with our team is future-focused. Proof is in the pudding, as they say. We’ve built a future workplace – a red Ferrari of an operating system that not only allows the most talented creatives from across the world to work together on exciting projects, but puts true flexibility into our daily lives. Our hybridity allows for days that you can work from home and be deeply immersed in your creative expression. We understand the intricacies of family life and work to allow you the balance to ‘be there’ for more of those moments that matter.

It’s great to have a good job, but how important is your wellness, whilst you’re at work? How important is it to you to grow and develop yourself fully? 


We know that to be our best selves, we must prioritise wellbeing in all parts of ourselves, including stretching our edges to grow. 


That’s why we’ve designed an innovative hybrid workplace filled with learning opportunities in a friendly village atmosphere that means less time commuting and more time in your home and out doing the things you love in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Byron Bay.

We believe in the power of investing in professional development. It not only makes us better in our current roles, but prepares us for the future. 


You will work with our professional Learning and Development Manager to understand any gaps you may have in the skills you need to succeed. Together, you’ll build a customised training plan that acts as a step by step pathway to progressing your career. 


Meet the milestones. Get the promotion. 


As a team you’ll also participate in monthly leadership skills workshops so the moment you’re in the position to lead other people, you’ll be ready to do so effectively and with confidence!

If it’s an unordinary life or purpose and passion, then we know where you can find it. Here. At Vim + Zest. Awesome lifestyle, inspiring work, amazing people.

Love your work

Design your perfect work day, create work you’re really proud of and collaborate with superbly talented people who you genuinely care about.


We welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities, gender and LGBTQI+.