Marketing Manager

Uncommon Marketing Careers 

Release your strategic mastery to a collegiate of world-class creatives, crafting excellence for clients with quality briefs. Now that’s a marketing career.

Jobs in marketing for
the purpose-driven Manager

Unleash your creativity and strategic acumen on exciting projects for leading clients doing innovative wellbeing projects with a team you love in a flexible working environment. 


Sounds too good to be true? How did we do it? We reverse engineered the agency we wanted to be part of. We imagined the marketing career we wanted. Then we built it.


Vim + Zest is a place where a team of experts truly unites under a vision of excellence and a culture of care. A place where we love our ‘every day’ and build our dream careers at the same time.


Our unique range of benefits makes us a workplace of choice. That means we attract top talent and partners. Our red Ferrari operating system and processes allow us to support the best talent in the world and the work they do. That enables us to maintain a strong outcome-focus, achieve outstanding campaign results, offer superior customer service, and enjoy a smooth working process. 


The outcome? We get to work with top tier clients.


Vim + Zest is no ordinary branding and marketing agency. We offer marketing positions to unordinary marketers.

Who are we looking for?

You won’t find the usual generic list of Marketing Manager responsibilities here. We’re looking for elite Marketing Managers with experience and uncommon minds and hearts.


We need:


  • A strategist – someone who sees the big picture, understands what the client needs (not just what they want) and solves problems before they begin. 


  • An innovator – someone who thinks outside the box, brainstorms like a gold-medal-winning Olympian and fuels other people’s creative juices.


  • A leader – someone who can lead their own project work, proactively identify challenges and build solutions that astound.


  • A carer – someone that lets their integrity guide their decisions and has the emotional intelligence to contribute to our culture of care.


  • A learner – someone who understands that in order to deliver ground-breaking work, we must always continue learning. 

A culture you can feel

You will feel the difference in our team from the moment you meet us. It’s obvious that we care about each other, we care about our work and we love what we do.


And it’s easy to love what we do. Outside of the inspirational clients, Vim + Zest has made some very meaningful decisions about how we work that make us happy. 


What if you could split your work time between our dynamic office and your home? Imagine how your life would change. 


You’ll love our office. It’s in the very centre of a northern Byron Bay village. All our favourite cafes, grocers and yoga studios are just downstairs. 


You’ll also love the flexibility to work from home. Let the change of venue empower your creativity and also help rebalance your life for the better. A little more me time, a little more family time is important.


We also think about your future. If you can envisage your dream career then we can create a practical Learning and Development plan to get you there. No empty promises. One-on-one time with our professional Learning and Development Manager, a customised training plan and pathway to your dream job.


Then there are the little things that make us happy:


  • Forget the cake. You get your birthday off.


  • No traffic and free parking in the village centre.


  • Weekly team lunches. Just for fun.


  • A team you’ll love and feel appreciated by.


Isn’t it time to do extraordinary things for clients you believe in with a team you love?

Meaningful client briefs
Career pathways
Hybrid work environment
Learning plans
Paid birthday leave
Village location
Free parking
Meals with the team

Purposeful Careers in PR, Marketing, & Social Media Management

A: Every Marketing Manager role is different. At Vim + Zest your day will never look the same. You could be using your research skills to plan a Marketing Strategy for an innovative wellbeing entrepreneur. Or overseeing a photo and video for an integrated wellbeing pioneer. Or evaluating how much your marketing campaign has helped transform a world class wellbeing destination. 

A: It’s simple. As a team of marketing experts, we’re picky. We only choose marketing jobs for clients who are actively improving the community, the environment or the world. It’s bold but true. And it makes a huge difference to how excited we feel about our work.

We’re growing.

Put yourself on the waitlist. New positions are being created.


We welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities, gender and LGBTQI+.