Frequently Asked Questions

Is a creative agency right for me now?
I want to know more.

A: We want you to win at every stage. You get far better value for money when you appoint a marketing agency, rather than build an in-house team. You have immediate access to highly skilled, experienced marketing consultants, designers, copywriters, web developers and social media experts – all knowledgeable about their craft, the latest software and tools. Imagine if you had to hire all these specialists – and get them up to speed fast. Hiring an agency is the smartest move. Especially one like Vim + Zest, where sustainable success is our goal.

A: Integrity forms the backbone of our partnerships. Simply put – a win for your organisation is a win for us. Because we have skin in the game, we recommend and implement what we know will work. With every client, we always start with a small project, we gain momentum, build sales, then upgrade marketing foundations and set up automation, where possible. Our goal is always to create recurrent marketing budgets for your business. So your return exceeds any marketing investment.

A: Since 1995, we’ve devised and implemented hundreds of publicity, marketing and Personal Branding campaigns, across a wide range of international clients and subject arenas. Our team comes from blue chip Tier 1 companies and agencies. They’ve worked with many different industries and clients. Our Director has 27 continuous years leading this field.

A: We’re very hands on and here for the long haul. Our customers are our partners, not just transactions. You will have a dedicated, highly available Account Manager so there is one singular point of contact for you. You’re welcome to contact us when you need, we’re here to help. Our agency Director is always available and willing to assist you.

A: The very best results come from creative ideation and expression that’s informed by data and strong strategy. Why? Because strategy gives clarity and direction. Clarity propels cut through in today’s saturated digital landscape. All our work is informed by the latest data and a strategic, researched approach. 

A: No agency or specialist can ever guarantee you no 1 page ranking on Google. Google sets its own rules. But what we do is help you ensure all is in place to optimise your ranking. We check if your website copy is properly keyworded; your metadata properly inputted into your website so that Google can find and rank your website; your website fast to load; conversion is optimised; forms properly formatted, chat box installed, User Experience good and a lot more. These are our foundational steps to get your website performing better. When we optimise websites in this way, organic ranking improves.

A: Many people can write. However, your marketing copy is not about you – it’s about your customers. Copy that makes your audience take action needs objectivity, engagement and high impact calls to action without resorting to hard sell. Your website needs continual, new and quality content to maintain its Google rankings. Would you try to rewire your house, or call an electrician? Use our professional writers to build your business while you keep doing what you do best.

A: If you’re not clear on your brand identity – how you define and talk about your business – how can your customers be clear? What makes them choose your business over your competitors? How do they know about you? Brand clarity is your irrefutable marketing foundation. Get this right, all else follows. You’ll get far better returns for your budgets, and will expend far less energy and stress.

A: It’s been said that 75% of good copywriting is in the research. And that’s before any fingers hit the keyboard. Good copy is about your customers first and foremost, not your business. Strong copy is benefit laden, not features focused.

A: We know that organisations who have visible leaders in front of them build better audience relationships, faster. This is why we do Personal Branding – it’s one of the most effective lead generation strategies there is. However, in working with senior leaders all over the world, we’ve yet to find a person who didn’t have what we call ‘imposter syndrome’. So take heart, you’re not alone. We’re here to support you to confidently communicate your story while still remaining true to yourself. Authenticity is your most powerful communication tool. Let us show you how to use it.