Levelling the Deck

A diversity and inclusion initiative.

Everyone deserves to swim. Levelling the Deck, by SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia, is making swimming more welcoming and supportive for everyone, irrespective of background, sexuality and gender.

Levelling the Deck

A diversity and inclusion initiative.

Project Brief

To establish the foundations for Swim Coaches & Teachers Australia’s Levelling the Deck communications campaign, social media and website to drive behaviour change for the swimming community to become more inclusive and welcoming. 

What We Did

Strategy, Market Research, Visual Design, Social Media, Website

We devised a new set of key messages for different stakeholders involved in Australian swim clubs to support great diversity and inclusion – and make swimming more welcoming for all. We tested and refined these key messages through stakeholder consultation. We then designed a new logo and a new audience-centric visual identity. We devised an upgraded Social Media Strategy with new content pillars, hashtags and social content directions, community management and growth, as well as UGC recommendations and Tone of Voice Guide. We built a new website for Levelling the Deck.

The Result

We flipped the narrative. We put the swimming community front and centre by foregrounding their stories and perspectives. These stories became the basis of an education campaign to engage swim club stakeholders to make swimming more welcoming and accessible. We designed and built a stunning new accessible website to convey these messages, with clearer brand positioning and storytelling to promote diversity and inclusion training courses.

"Wow!!! This is just so so good"

Victoria Clark

Project Manager, Swim Jobs Victoria

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