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Employer Branding Packages

Get ahead of labour shortages. Attract top candidates that will thrive in your workplace culture. Authentic and results-driven Employer Branding packages generate long-term results. Need help defining your Employee Value Proposition? Want a complete solution that attracts and retains a talent pool to power your bottom line? There’s a package for your organisation…

Employer Branding Starter Package

An entry-level Employer Branding Starter Package to help create your organisation’s Employer Brand, Employee Value Proposition and brand narrative. 

Employer Branding Grow Package

Level up your branding presence. Become visible in an overcrowded digital world with a clear Employee Value Proposition and a Culture web page.

Employer Branding Amplify Package

Build an Employer Branding talent pipeline funnel. Employee Value Proposition, Culture web page and social media to attract top talent.

Employer Branding Custom Package

For existing brands to level-up. A new signature visual look and feel with visual design, colour palette, mood boards. Social media strategy with content and templates.

The Complete Employer Branding Solution

A unique combination of human resources foundations and expert branding application.

Employer Branding Strategy
Brand Design
Social Media
Website design
Personal Branding
SEO copywriting
Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Marketing
Photography and Videography

Employer Branding at work

Elements of Byron

Internationally award-winning resort, Elements of Byron, was challenged by exceptional labour shortages following COVID-19. The resort employed a comprehensive Employer Branding solution to achieve outstanding recruitment results.


Employer Brand established


Colleagues recruited in 30 days

Project Brief

Elements of Byron operates in a unique labour market where a local housing shortage amplifies the hospitality industry’s already tight labour market. Following COVID-19, the resort was further challenged by changing candidate priorities, passive employees that are habitually open to new opportunities and heavy competition.

What We Did

Custom Employer Branding Package: employer brand and strategy, website, EDM and social media

Following an extensive audit of Elements of Byron existing employer brand and competition, Vim + Zest provided a Human Resources led strategy and campaign. The team then established a unique Employer Brand, authentic storytelling narrative, culture webpage and highly targeted social media that spoke directly to the resort’s ideal candidate.

The Result

Elements of Byron proactively built a winning reputation as an Employer of Choice. Its Culture and Careers web pages are the go-to portal for all candidates to begin their employment journey. A strategic social media campaign attracted an extensive amount of high quality candidates. The resort hired 50 key team members within 30 days. Importantly, it also built a pool of talent ready to step into any vacant position. The resort won ‘Employer of Choice’ awards and was a regional finalist in the Business NSW Employer of Choice, regional awards.

“A wonderful result”

It’s interesting to see the improvement in reach with the new messaging. This is such a wonderful result. We are definitely on the right track now.

Justine Dorrell
Team and Culture Manager
Elements of Byron


Vim + Zest offers comprehensive, Human Resources informed Employer Branding packages. Cut through the highly competitive, candidate-led labour market and provide sustainable recruitment and retention solutions that impact the bottom line.

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