Power Hour.

Personalised Mentoring To Help You Right Now

Branding to boost business growth

Gain Senior-level support with Personalised Mentoring. Boost your business growth one step at a time. Have the latest data insights to help answer your most perplexing questions.

Together, we troubleshoot and reframe the biggest challenges in your marketing situation. You choose one area of focus: Brand building, Website or Social Media.

Achieve Results with
Today’s Resources

There are endless ways to promote your business. Sometimes the right action steps for today’s fast-changing, complex world need to be small, fast and agile. With tactics that are speedily implemented, cost less money and drive results. Initiatives informed by creative thinking, driven by data insights and executed with the resources you have today. 


Now, isn’t that a Power Hour worth doing? 


How a Power Hour works:

Book a time with us. You’ll receive an online questionnaire and NDA. Complete it and send back. Then choose your focus area. We then do topline research on your business, audience and competitors. We have our session together. It’s recorded and sent to you.

AUD $495 +GST

USD $396

Need More In-depth Recommendations?

Need additional insight? Want to work on additional branding and marketing areas? Would you like to add a colleague?


Our 2 hour Personalised Mentoring sessions give you a deeper dive with more extensive strategic planning and insights.


You choose one focus: Branding Strategy, Website, Social Media. 

AUS $880 +GST

USD $704

Want a 6 Month
Personalised Program?

Imagine the power of having regular personalised mentoring once per month for an ongoing 6 month period.


You receive ongoing data-informed branding, marketing, website and social media recommendations. Together, we find solutions to challenges, locate new opportunities and devise action steps that you immediately implement to get the results you seek. We focus on sustainable practices using the resources you have right now. And best of all – you receive a 7th session as a bonus – totally free!


It’s like having your own in-house marketing specialist.

AUD $2530 +GST

USD $2024

One Day Brand Workshop

Be that business that thrives and excels. Optimise opportunities. Grow your online traffic. Accelerate audience and sales growth. Upgrade with irresistible branding, brilliant SEO content and compelling social media. Make your website a lean, mean marketing machine.


Our One-Day Brand Workshops can be done in person or via Zoom. 


Results with no ongoing outlay of an in-house team. Brilliant results for an investment that pays for itself.

"Thank you Trudy for such an inspirational session - packed with great ideas! I was on quite a high afterwards and I can’t wait to get started."



Let's Work Together. Create Impact.